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Generics Urban Apothecary

Smokey Quartz Crystal Cluster


Smokey Quartz Crystal Cluster is a protection crystal that absorbs negative energies and helps them dissipate. Smoky quartz relieves the emotional body of fear, anger and resentment to make way for positive energies. Hold Smoky Quartz pointed down at the ground to release negative energies to Mother Earth to cleanse. Keep in the home to protect it from misfortune. Smoky Quartz connects to the Root Chakra, and can assist in the physical body’s strength and stamina, and security.

Use your Smokey Quartz with intention during quiet meditation, crystal vibration or self care ritual.


Energy: Receptive
Planet: Sun, Saturn
Element: Earth
Deity: Hecate, Gaia, Gendenwitha
Zodiac: Capricorn, Libra
Powers: Protection, Grounding



GENERICS Smoky Quartz Cluster is a raw piece of Smoky Quartz, known for its healing energies, and its connection to the emotional body.

GENERICS Smoky Quartz Cluster is ideal for those experiencing negativity that they want to release.

GENERICS Master Healer Crystal is sourced from Brazil.


  • 100% Natural crystal stone
  • Raw and untamed look
  • Sustainable farming practice
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free 


X 1 Unique Brazilian Smoky Quartz Crystal.** (raw/polished)

** Each crystal is unique and one of a kind. May vary from photo.



You may like to clean your crystal with running water or saltwater. Be careful with use and cleaning as the crystal is fragile. Store on a stable non-slip and dust-free surface.

Please note Crystals will vary to the image shown as they are made from natural materials and are individually unique. Come into any GENERICS Urban Apothecary Perth Location to choose a crystal that speaks to you.


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