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These Amazing Candles Will Take Your Home To The Next Level.

"Don't let the name fool you...They are anything but run of the mill. A huge array of scents such as Absinthe, Pink Peony and Unicorn Tears means there's literally a fragrance for everyone - even those who don't like traditional 'pretty' candles."

- THE HUFFINGTON POST, Australia @huffpostau




Way more gangster than I'll ever be. 

“I'm a vegan man who doesn't mind the odd soy wax candle to burn from time to time but Ecoya and Glasshouse candles are over done and to be frank, most of them smell like old ladies.

When I started looking for a candle that smells like man things and a candle that's vegan, I thought I'd have more luck finding jury members for the OJ case.

Then I saw it, shining through Google results like a scene out of Carebears but heaps more masculine. Soy wax, wooden wick, deliciously manly scents all in a shiny glass jar begging to be mailed to me.

I bought three candles: Absinthe, Cuba Gold and Cashmere Mafia not only because the descriptions of scents sounds amaze but the names are way more gangster than I'll ever be.

They shipped quickly and were packaged like a drug mule's heroin but Australia Post rose to the challenge and successfully broke a jar. Lisa was amazing, unnecessarily apologetic and has stocked up on 'Fragile' stickers.”

- Tom W, Australia | YELP Review. 



Turns Out the Coolest Natural Beauty Products Come From Australia.

"Generics products always look chic AF sitting in your bathroom vanity—the packaging is modern and the oils are infused with actual flower petals."

- Jasmine Garnsworthy | BYRDIE.COM 2017




  “We foresee that increasingly, more wedding favours will be personalised gifts such as candles or skincare products such as hand or body lotions… with candles, for instance, the couple can choose to customise the scent – it might be the scent that the groom loves most on his wife.

-  Anna Lim, creative director of Spellbound Group | Singapore Tatler’s Guide To The Biggest Wedding Trends In 2017.




We need to protect our skin, do we not?

"I am all about the natural skincare and beauty products for inner and outer beauty, so Generics is my favourite City of Perth stop. Heading into winter I like to stock up on inner beauty essentials, bright lip and nail colours and facial oils. We need to protect our skin, do we not?"