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Half Price Refills


If the answer is yes, you can access our 1/2 Price Refill Service everyday. Not a member? Simply join up and access your exclusive member offer instantly. 


1. CLEAN out your empty GENERICS glassware and bring it to any GENERICS Perth location for refilling. A cleaning fee will be applied for 'uncleaned glass'. 

If you have non-generics glassware, we offer a BYO price of 30% off RRP please ensure it is cleaned out for measuring at point of sale. The prices are based on the closest capacity against a generics standard size. If you are not a member and would like vessels filled, we can offer this at a 30% off BYO price. 

2. PLACE YOUR ORDER. Select a fragrance from our current available fragrance menu, excluding 'new' fragrances.  For candles, these will come with a standard cotton wick, diffuser oils will come without floating florals. Adding any optional extras such as wick upgrades, botanicals and lids will incur extra charge. Please note, lids are not essential for candle refilling, however if you do not bring lids for liquid filling, this will attract a new lid fee. 

For all Liquid items such as diffusers, perfumes, room sprays and aromatherapy droppers, please dispose of your contents as per local council rules and return to our store for refilling. 


3. PICK UP . Please allow up to 7 working days for refilling, subject to availability of blends and production schedules. Once your order is ready we will send you a READY TEXT to notify you of pick up. This can be presented for collection. 



If you are unable to visit our store for refill service, please post our candle glass to our store and a team member will process your order + re-shipping fee. Please contact us ahead of time should you like to request a postal refill. 



1. Boil a kettle of hot water & pour into plugged sink.
2. Using protective gloves, wipe off excess melted wax / soot with dry wipe & pull out the wick tab - always place wax and wick remnants in the bin. Do not intermix water or wax  or pour down the drain, as this will cause clogging. If cleaning liquids empty oils by diluting with detergent and warm water and dispose of any old floral remnants. If you would like a new label, please remove your label, by soaking it with a wet cloth for peeling.
3. Immerse glass into water and soak for 10 mins. Rinse, polish and allow to dry.
4. Bring your cleaned glass instore for refilling. If you have a bottles required for liquid filling such as perfumes, diffuser oils, sprays please bring your lid.


                    • Candle Refill 35-40 Hrs $17
                    • Candle Refill 60 Hrs  $20
                    • Candle Refill 80 Hrs  $25 
                    • Room Diffuser Refill 200 Ml   $25
                    • Room Spray Refill 70 ml $25
                    • Eau De Parfum Refill 50 ml $44.50
                    • Aromatherapy Oil droppers Refill Starts from $ 17 +
                    • Perfume Rollerball Refill Starts From  $15 +
                    • Upgrade Wood Wick Fee   $4
                    • Uncleaned Glass Fee   $10
                    • Glass Replacement Fee   $10
                    • Lid Replacement Fee   $4
                    • Additional Cotton Wick Fee $2
                    • Floating Florals Fee $4
                    • Shipping Fee - domestic up to 2 glass $15
                    • Shipping Fee- Domestic up to 4 glass $25
 BYO GLASS or Non Members can access our refill at 30% off RRP prices against full sized Generics ( Not half price ) 


  • CANDLE REFILL PRICES include x1 standard cotton wick per vessel. If an additional wick is required for functional purposes, an 'additional cotton wick fee' will be added. To upgrade to a wood wick, a 'wooden wick fee' will be applied. 
  • BYO prices are based on 30% off RRP of standard full priced sensory collection. E.g If a 80hr refill is ordered, starts at 30% off $49 standard price ($34.30) . MEMBERS are entitled to 50% off RRP . E.g An 80 hr refill starts at 50% off $49 ( $25 ) . Please note, RRP prices may be subject to change, please see individual product prices at time of purchase.
  • LIQUID REFILL PRICES. All room diffusers, room sprays and perfumes relating to liquid filling, will include fragranced oil only. If floating florals is required as per original design, a 'Floating florals fee' will be applied.
  • CLEANING . If a glass is not pre-cleaned efficiently, is broken or essential lid missing (liquid refills), a cleaning or glass replacement fee will be applied.
  • SELECTING A FRAGRANCE. Your may wish to select a different scent for your refill. This can be any scent on the main menu excluding items marked as 'new'. 
  • POURING DISCLAIMER. While we do our best to examine and book high quality glass suitable for filling/burning. Whist we follow best practice to adjust pouring temperatures for filling, please note there is always the chance of breakage due to heat sensitive glassware. Customer is advised to bring only glass used in previous candle burns to avoid this from occurring. Should any BYO glass ( Non-generics branded glass ) be booked for filling become damaged due to heat sensitivity during either the pouring or burning stage, we do not take responsibility for any inconsistencies or replacement value. Should this occur, we will offer a new glass for refilling under the 'replacement glass fee' + new'refill price'. 
  • CANDLE BURN / OIL DIFFUSION TIMES are an estimation and may fluctuate. This is due to many factors, including the fact that the candles are hand produced using natural components (soy and wood may have consistencies), environmental surroundings during burn, frequency of burn, length of candle wick, number if wicks used, storage and maintenance which are beyond our strict control. Liquid oils such as room diffusers and room sprays are also effected by environmental and storage conditions. Please refer to our product care for recommendations on how to best manage your GENERICS sensory product.
  • If you are a MEMBER and requiring filling from outside of WESTERN AUSTRALIA, please contact us below to book a POSTAL REFILL REQUEST. You will be required to clean and safely pack / send in your glass to us for processing. To maximise your shipping costs, we recommend a bulk refill order and utilise our flat fee bulk shipping. This starts from $15.00 for up to 2 glasses to Australian capital cities. Please complete the form below and our team will assist in this process.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding refills, please contact us by completing the form below.