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Product Care

Sustainability requires care.


To get the best life out of your GENERICS Urban Apothecary product, we recommend following our comprehensive product care guidelines. Read our step by step guides for how to use our refillable candle, room diffuser, room spray, car diffuser, perfume oil and EDP perfume.


For a full listing on refill services, please see the 'Half Price Refills' page.


GENERICS refillable vegan candles are wicked with a natural crackling wood wick centre. They give off a raw natural illumination when lit, complemented by the sound of a crackling wood fire. Grown from native sappy fruit trees in the USA, these double ply wood wicks are grown in sustainable plantations and sourced from FSC-certified mills (Forest Stewardship Council), ensuring responsible global practice. For each 100 wood wicks sourced from these mills, a tree is planted by local rural communities as part of an ongoing sustainability program, so when you take home a GENERICS candle, know you are consuming responsibly.

To best enjoy a wood wick candle, one must learn the ‘Art of lighting a wood wick’.


Our wood wicks have a crackling effect in its natural state. To further assist in the burning process, our wicks are then, double primed in a natural soy wax for a minimum of 2 hours before being set into the candle vessel. As wood wicks are made of a natural fibre, you may find variances in the wood grain that can affect the behaviour of your burn. It is important to be patient and work through any stubborn grain that has naturally occurred and be mindful of any environmental factors whilst burning.


We recommend practicing the following lighting tips:
Before you start, ensure there is no charcoal on your wick and have at least 8 mm of fresh cut wood above the wax. Check your wood wick is well oiled. If your wick is wet or moist from the winter cold, it will need to be air-dried. If it’s dry, you will need to rub some wax onto it.

To light your candle begin by tilting it on a 45 degree angle and leave your flame on the wick for a solid 15 seconds, allowing the wick's flame to pull up the wax. Set the candle back down and use your hands to cup over the rim of the vessel, which will push the flame down into the wax. This technique will force the flame through any stubborn grain and create a more stable light. Once you get it going, you may start to hear the wick ‘crackle’ – this is a good sign that its lighting! If it smoulders out, don’t worry – just keep lighting and repeat the motion. You may need to repeat this a few times until it picks up its own rhythm.

Burn your candle for at least 2 hours or until the melt pool has reached the edges. When you are finished with your burn session, blow out your wick and remove any charcoal, ensuring you leave at least 8 mm for the next burn. Store your candle away from direct sunlight, dust, air conditioning and heater to keep your wood wick stable.

Once you master the art of wood wick flames, the results are worth it. If you have any ongoing issues, please feel free to contact us using the form below or visiting any of our stores.


Our candle burn times are marked as 'Up to' and are an ESTIMATION which may fluctuate slightly between burns. Although minor, this is due to many factors, including the fact that our candles are hand produced using natural components. To maximise burn time, please read below:

- Wick type-

Wood wicks may have natural grain consistencies such which can reduce or increase burn quality. We use a 20mm booster wick to manage burn balances, please use cupping technique as above to assist when you come across grains in your wood needing extra boost.

- Environmental surroundings -

Candles may burn faster due to humidity and warmth of wax. Ie. Summer time causes wax to be softer and burn faster vs winter burns. Warm environments ie heaters, windows open will cause flames to burn faster etc. 

- Frequency of & length burn -

Regular burns causes wax to remain soft and burn through faster vs cold rested wax. This is because the surface of your wax is pre-penetrated with heat.  

- Length of candle wick -

Untrimmed or longer wicks burn much faster. Please follow trimming guidelines.  

-Number of wicks burning per session-

More wicks = higher temperature resulting in reduced burn time. 

- Storage and maintenance -

Store in cool and dry place. Moist conditions can mould up & dampen wicks reducing in lighting issues and slower inconsistent burns. Unprotected candle wicks can also dry out (please re-oil) or dust up (re trim ). We recommend using a candle lid to protect your candle when not in use.


Please refer to our individual PRODUCT CARE against your candle type / size for recommendations on how to best manage your candle to maximise your burn time.




INGREDIENTS: 100% Non-gmo Soy bean wax , Essential Oil, Fragrance Oil, Wood / Cotton wick.

MATERIAL : 100% Pressed glass vessel with painted interior / Silicone lined lid

Failure to follow instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury. Place the candle on a stable, heat resistant surface and rest on a candle coaster for added protection. Burn for up to 4 hour intervals per time, allowing the vessel to cool down between burns. Do not allow candle to extinguish on its own and always leave a 5mm layer of wax at the base of the vessel to avoid overheating. Avoid exposure to drafts. Never move a lit candle, never leave a burning candle unattended and always keep out of reach of pets and children. Always store candle in a dry place and below 30 degrees celsius. The hourly burn rates are estimates are based on wax volume and may be affected by environmental factors. Hand poured in Perth, Australia.

Please note, candle burn times are an estimation and may fluctuate between burns. This is due to many factors, including the fact that the candles are hand produced using natural components (soy and wood may have consistencies), environmental surroundings during burn, storage and maintenance which are beyond our strict control. Please refer to our product care for recommendations on how to best manage your candle.



Our new Le Grands may be burned using 1, 2 or 3 cotton wicks depending on the size of the room and aroma strength required.

Please note, using 3 wicks simultaneously along with very frequent and or longer burn times than recommended will create soft wax and reduce the estimated burn time. Soft wax is a result of frequent burns or warmer environments and may cause your Le grand to burn through faster.

We recommend trimming your wicks down to 6 mm to ensure lighting is controlled. Burn for a maximum of 3 hours and allow your candle to cool completely between burns to achieve its maximum life.  

Le Grands are suitable for medium to large rooms.

*** We recommend starting with 2 or 3 wicks and reducing to 1-2 wicks once a full melt pool is achieved, to maximise illumination time. ***






INGREDIENTS: Essential Oil, Fragrance Oil, Dried Natural Botanicals. MATERIAL: Glass flask with cork lid 

Failure to follow these instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury.
Place the Botanical Room Diffuser on a stable, non-slip surface, away from direct sunlight and fire. Avoid exposure to drafts, skin and porous containers or surfaces. Always keep out of reach of pets and children. If consumed, contact a doctor immediately. Always store Botanical Room Diffuser in a cool, dry place below 30°C.
Hand poured in Perth, Western Australia.

Your GENERICS Room Diffuser is ready for refill once the liquid has completely evaporated or is no longer releasing aroma. Please dispose of any remaining liquid in your Room Diffuser safely and according to your local waste regulations.

Botanical flowers should be disposed into the bin. You do not need to rinse the glass out, but you may wish to if you are planning on ordering a different scent under your next refill service. Once the vessel is dry of any water, place the cork seal in and bring in for refill.




INGREDIENTS: Essential Oil, Fragrance Oil. 

MATERIALS: Glass Vial with screw lid / screw Casing



1. To assemble your car diffuser, start by carefully unwinding the black lid of the Car Diffuser vial and break the paper seal. Ensure the soft filter inside is not over saturated with oil. Check that the white rubber seal and glass is not broken before use. Keep the black lid for refilling when you return to GENERICS.


 2. Squeeze off any saturated oil from the soft filter by pressing a wipe cloth over the entire filter tip to absorb any excess. This action will regulate your filter. There should be no excess oil dripping off the filter or on the glass vial at any time. Ensure all components are always dry. Repeat this process each time you use your Car Diffuser and as required. Use rubbing alcohol to wipe up any spills. 

3. Twist the upright Car Diffuser vial into the casing until secure.

4. Attach the Car Diffuser securely over your air vent by lining up the back clip prongs over a vent slat. If your air vents are vertical, you can rotate the clip located on the back of the casing. Simply pull the clip downwards out of the cavity, rotate and reinsert.  

Always ensure the Car Diffuser is positioned with air holes facing upright when clipped in.

5. Keep the Car Diffuser out of direct sunlight, flame / hot environments and store in a cool, dry stable place below 30°C. Avoid pressurised heat environments, raw skin or any transfer onto porous containers or surfaces.

If spillage occurs, wipe up immediately with rubbing alcohol & wet cloth to ensure the oil is thoroughly cleaned away. Failure to do so can cause damage to sensitive surfaces. 

6. Once fragrance has reached its maximum life, it will have either evaporated or lost its aroma completely. Please then return your Car Diffuser vial and black lid for refilling at your nearest GENERICS store.





Failure to follow these instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury.

Ensure Botanical Car Diffuser is in secure, upright position when attached to air vents.

 When not in use store the Car Diffuser in a stable environment with black lid securely covered. Keep out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place below 30°C. Avoid exposure to heat, skin and porous containers or surfaces. If leakage occurs, wipe up immediately with wet cloth and rubbing alcohol to ensure the oil is thoroughly cleaned away. Failure to do so will cause damage to surfaces.

 It is important to note that fragrance oil may naturally expand in heat and in pressurised environments. To reduce risk of leaks, we recommend removing diffuser from car when not in use. Do not leave Car Diffuser in hot car over prolonged periods of time. 


Due to selected natural ingredients in our Botanical Car Diffusers, you may notice discolouring or alterations in texture over time, however, are still safe to use. 

Always keep out of reach of pets and children. If consumed, contact a doctor immediately.

If you are asthmatic, pregnant or suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions, please be mindful when using our sensory products.



INGREDIENTS: Botanical essential oil, coconut oil, dried botanicals.
MATERIAL: Glass vial with roller ball applicator, screw lid
CAUTION: Do not consume.
Always do a patch test on your skin before primary use. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use.  

Apply oil by rolling the ball across your pulse points onto your skin. Rub the skin's surface to stimulate the oil. Reapply every 1-2 hours as desired.

Natural oils release aroma for affectively on warmer, moist skin. We recommend applying on exfoliated skin after hot shower or pulse points. Can also be used as hair perfume.

Keep out of direct sunlight or hot conditions. Dispose after 12 months of opening for freshness. 

Your GENERICS Essential Oil is ready for refill once the liquid has been used to completion. Do not clean with water if refilling. Return the vial with the dropper lid for refill.


Your GENERICS Candles are ready for refill once the wax level reaches the metal wick holder/ 5mm above the surface of the bottom of glass. Additionally for oils - when your fragrance oil or spray scent has evaporated from its bottle , it can be cleaned ready for refilling.

The most effective way to clean out your vessel is to create a hot water bath using  kettle of hot water. Place your candle vessel into a plugged kitchen sink & pour the hot water the candle. The heat will warm the vessel and any residual soy wax will liquify & melt down from the vessel wall.

Once the wax inside has all melted, pick up the glass using oven mitts,  pour the melted wax into the bin. Do not pour this wax residue down the drain as it may solidify and block the sink. Allow the glass to cool slightly, use a paper towel to wipe away any remaining wax residue. Gently twist the metal wick holder to remove it and pull off the adhesive wick sticker

Please dispose of the wax, wick holder and any paper towel used according to your local waste regulations.

If you do not want to use hot water you also have the option of scraping out the wax with a metal spoon but please note that the white paint on the glass will peel away if scratched.

Do not place your candle in the dishwasher, freezer or microwave in attempt to clean your vessel. Always follow fire safety.

Any uncleaned candle glass will incur a $10 cleaning fee. Please allow up to 14 days for refills, subject to availability of blends and production schedules. See REFILL SERVICE for full price list.


Our GENERICS Urban Apothecary brand line does not use materials or ingredients derived from animals, is not tested on animals and therefore vegan friendly. We use plant based derivatives to produce our house range of fresh refillable candles, room diffusers, room sprays, EDP, roller ball perfume oil and car diffusers.

 All ingredients are listed on the product or online for your health and safety.

If you have any questions regarding products, please reach out to us by completing the contact form below.


If you would like to learn more about our products or services, please reach out by sending an enquiry using our contact form below or visit our retail stores.