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Generics Urban Apothecary

Lucky Dip Gift Set


GENERICS Lucky Dip is a mixed selection of Vegan Maxi Light Candles in a gift box.

GENERICS Recyclable Vegan Maxi Light Candles feature floating florals and a clear casing, resulting in a romantic ambience and impactful illumination glow.  

Designed especially for every day, slow burning and spot illumination, these beautiful handcrafted candles give you double the burn time of a traditional tea light and will add a contemporary, botanical touch to your space.

Activate our Recyclable Vegan Maxi Light candles in low light areas to bring a touch of romance and ambience over intimate dinner settings, during a massage, wind down, or mediation rituals. Create impact in larger spaces by scattering them to create moody glow effects during celebratory occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries or ceremonial affairs such as weddings, proposals and engagements.  

Our Recyclable Vegan Maxi Lights are a popular choice for everyday gifting – adding a stunning finish to gift boxes, congratulatory, or thank you hampers. 


GENERICS candles are individually handcrafted, using premium grade botanical ingredients that are clean and sustainable.

GENERICS candles are made of a natural soybean wax with no unnatural additives, they are formaldehyde free and have a Kosher certification.

GENERICS Recyclable Vegan Maxi Light Candles use twisted cotton wicks that are pre-waxed and lead-free.

GENERICS Recyclable Vegan Maxi Light Candles are held in a flame retardant, domed casing to improve heat flow, with the addition of a raised base for better protection of surfaces during illumination. Our casings are made of an eco-friendly polycarbonate material allowing it to be recycled after use.  

Designed especially for every day, slow burning and spot illumination.


  • A mixed selection of 4 Maxi Light Candles in box
  • Each candle provides up to 12 hours burn time (59 mm x 25 mm candle casing)
  • Recyclable Gift Box with clear casing (12.5mm x 12.5 mm )
  • Recyclable and Non-toxic polycarbonate casing
  • Flame retardant UL94 V-0 or V-2 rated polycarbonate USA grade stays cooler, is safe to touch, lightweight, with no breakage / leakage.
  • 100% Soybean wax (non-GMO, kosher certified, natural)
  • Natural waxed twisted cotton wick 
  • Natural essential oils (may include organic constituents)
  • RIFM and IFRA approved fragrances
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Phthalate free
  • Paraben free
  • Nitro-musk free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free 
  • Handcrafted in Perth, Western Australia


100% Natural Soybean Wax (Renewable Resource, Non-GMO and Kosher Certified, Grown in the USA), Natural Cotton Wick, Natural Essential Oil Blend*, Fragrance Oil Blend. 

* May contain organic constituents.


Place candle on ceramic candle coaster or a heatproof surface. Light up the cotton wick. Fragrance will release in 5 minutes. Allow candle to burn between 1 - 4 hours. Trim wick between burns. Repeat to enjoy illumination.

Once the Recyclable Vegan Maxi Light Candle has burnt through the wax, we recommend cleaning and recycling the casing.


Failure to follow these instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury. Place the candle on a stable, heat resistant surface and use a candle coaster for added protection. Always light a candle in a well ventilated room and for maximum 4 hours, allowing the vessel to cool down completely between burns. Do not allow candle to extinguish on its own and always leave a 5 mm layer of wax at the base of the vessel to avoid overheating. Avoid exposure to drafts.

Never move a burning candle or leave unattended. Always keep out of reach of pets and children. Store your vegan candle below 30°C in a cool, dust-free, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Due to the natural ingredients of our vegan candles, they may discolour or alter in texture over time, however, are still safe to burn.

If you are asthmatic, pregnant or suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions, please be mindful when using our sensory products.

For full candle care, see ‘Candle Care’ or the base of your candle.


IMPORTANT: Please note, candle burn times are an estimation and may fluctuate between burns. This is due to many factors, including the fact that the candles are hand produced using natural components (soy may have consistencies), environmental surroundings during burn, frequency of burn, length of candle wick, storage and maintenance which are beyond our strict control. Please refer to our product care for recommendations on how to best manage your candle.

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