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Generics Urban Apothecary

Candle Wick Dipper


GENERICS Candle Wick Dippper allows you to cleanly and safely extinguish your candle flame. The Candle Wick Dippper catches and reduces excess smoke and soot, leaving your room clean from the smoky smell that may arise from blowing out your candle.

The Candle Wick Dipper allows you to cleanly extinguish your candle flame with no smoke or soot, using it also lubricates your candle's cotton wick with fresh wax, making it easier to catch and burn for your next light. 

The Candle Wick Dippper feature a matte black coating to add an element of understated cool to your shelf or vanity.



GENERICS Candle Wick Dipper allows you to safely and cleanly extinguish your candle flame. 

GENERICS Candle Wick Dipper reduces soot build up inside your candle vessel.

GENERICS Candle Wick Dipper lubricates your candle's cotton wick for it's next burn.

GENERICS Candle Wick Dipper features a matte black coating. 


  • Ethically Sourced
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free 



X1 Candle Wick Dipper

Hold the wand end of the Candle Wick Dipper, angle it so the hook end is sitting behind the cotton wick. Pull the cotton wick down towards the melted wax untill fully submerged. Once the flame is out, you can hook the candle dipper around the cotton wick once more, to pull it out of the wax and stand up straight. Note that if you have a large plume on top of your cotton wick, this may break apart in the wax, leaving debris behind. Always practice fire safety and do not use it if the candle flame is too large for the Candle Wick Dipper. Suitable only for cotton wick candles. 


Hand wash your Candle Wick Dipper between uses with hot water and dishwashing liquid. Not Suitable for machine dishwashers. Always practice fire safety. Keep out of reach from pets and children.


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