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Bobbleware - Tritan Straw

Suitable for all types of drink toppings. 
  • 12mm diameter straw suitable for bubble tea and smoothie;
  • Bevelled angle tip;
  • Dishwasher safe.

     2 sizes available:

    • Regular Straw Length 220 mm 
    • Long Straw Length 260 mm 


    Why Tritan Straw? 

    • Lightweight & durable. ⁠
    • Look like glass, but durable and much lighter than glass
    • Easy to handle without fear of breaking.
    • Pleasantly smooth to drink from smooth round edge⁠
    • BPA, phthalate and PVC free.⁠
    • Clear clarity for easy cleaning and wash.

    lease rinse with warm water before first use. 


    Although we have made Bobbleware super sturdy, please be mindful that glass is still breakable. Kindly exercise standard safety precaution, use it with tender and care like you would with any glassware products. 


    All Bobbleware parts are dishwasher safe. We recommend to position all accessories on the top rack of dishwasher. 


    Hand wash with warm soapy water most preferred to ensure longevity of your Bobbleware products. 


    If your child can drink from a glass cup, they can use a Bobbleware. We recommend all children drinking with a glassware must be supervised at all times. 




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