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TMF - DUAL MULTI-TASK BRUSH ( For eyeshadows, smudging liners, brow sets and pomades)


The best things always come in pairs, think of this as the Jay Z//Yoncé of brushes.

With the Beyoncé end allowing for perfect and flawless eyeliner application; the Jay Z offers the perfect tool to weave your eye shadow and concealer magic.

One tool with a whole lot of options and made even more irresistible by its super soft vegan faux fibers.

- DUAL HEAD brush - Flat bristle one end & rounded flat brush on other
- Soft bristle
- 100% synthetic
- Vegan Friendly


Use TMF MULTI-TASK BRUSH to apply eyeshadows, liners, brow sets and pomades.

Clean in lukewarm water, gently rubbing bristles. Dry in shade.

Store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and moisture.

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