TIBETAN MEDITATION INCENSE  By Generics Urban Apothecary.


MEDITATION therapy has been used for centuries to manage stress levels and assist in grounding and focus. 

These handrolled Tibetan meditation sticks are traditionally used in spiritual and self care rituals for centuries across the world in villages to temples for various forms of prayer and reconnection.

Made from sustainably grown plants, wild foraged from the himalayan and Mount Everest wilderness, these are infused with botanical essential oils and resins, giving off a subtle and earthy peat aroma.


Our range of Tibetan incsence can be purchased in 6 PC SETS to include the following scents:

2 x Tibetan Saffron

1 x Tibetan Green

1 x Tibetan Jungle

1 x Tibetan Sandalwood

1 x Tibetan Tantra


For SINGLE or 12 pc sets, see separate product size.

These hand rolled Tibetan incense sticks are made with love.

- 6 pc Set of incense
- 100% Natural resins and ground botanical powders
- Wild crafted and sustainably foraged plants from the base of Mount Everest, Tibet and Himalyan regions.
- Each incense stick is fragranced with essential oils
- Each incense stick will burn between 30-40 mins, varying in environmental conditions.
- Hand made in Tibet


- Store in a cool, dry and dark place away from direct sunlight.

- Burn in a safe, non-flammable surrounding.

- Place stick in a non-flammable incense holder.

- Keep away from Children and pets

- Do not consume.

- Never leave meditation incense burning unattended.

- Blow out or douse in water to discontinue use.



Not suitable for people with respiratory or breathing difficulties.

Always burn within a well ventilated environment.

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