Return Policy






Bought something online & changed your mind? Your GENERICS is not the right size, color or not functioning as promised?

You can apply for an EXCHANGE / CREDIT NOTE 

You'll need to lodge a claim - just check u have met these requirements : 

- Make claim within 7 days of receiving your delivery.

 - Retain order/invoice number, original packaging and product remain new and un-used.

- Is not a sale / promotional / discontinued product.

- Personal hygeine and edible food by Generics Urban Apothecary selection of skincare, perfume oil, herbal tea and candles are non-exchangable for hygeine & health reasons.

 - ALL GENERICS ACCESSORIES falls under our manufacturer 30 day MANUFACTURE WARRANTY 

- Not covered under our PRODUCT CARE POLICY 



Begin lodging your request for an RA code (return authorization) before sending back any goods by using our CONTACT US form.  Please include reason for exchange or return request here. 

We will respond within 48hrs with your RA code & claim form which needs to be signed & posted back with your GENERICS to : 

Generics Urban Apothecary

PO BOX 8328 Perth WA Australia 6849    P + 426 729 089

NOTE :  Any return deliveries received without an RA number & claim form, WILL NOT be processed and sent back to customer.




We will respond to your return delivery claim within 48hrs of receival.

          All approved Change of Mind claims will be offered an exchange/credit against your purchase minus all shipping costs.

 Credit notes are valid for 6 months from issue date.

           All approved Manufacturer Fault claims will result in an immediate fix. If it cannot be fixed, we will replace your GENERICS for NEW or should it become unavailable a credit note / full refund of the original purchase including all shipping costs of that item will be offered back to the purchaser.

Should a refund be approved, it will be processed via the same account & method it was paid from. Please all electronic refunds ( EFT, Paypal, SecurePay c/c) may take up to 5 working days for funds to appear back in your account.

If u have made a purchase through one of our retailers, please contact their management for resolve.





Your new GENERICS accessory is covered under our 30 DAY MANUFACTER WARRANTY. 

If your GENERICS accessories malfunctions or is damaged under an approved production fault* within the first 30 days of delivery, we will happily replace your item for new or exchange it with a credit note for the equivalent goods value. *Please note, production fault approval is at the discretion of our suppliers. Please allow 3-7 working days for a approval response.





The following care policy relates to the specific compositions labelled under each GENERICS as additional care information.



STORE all fresh made product away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat as per specific CARE INSTRUCTIONS on each Product listed.

ALL INGREDIENTS are listed on the product or online for your health and safety.

ALWAYS PATCH TEST skinfood, perfumes and lipbalms on your skin and allow up to 48hrs. If any allergens are present, please discontinue use and see your GP/ Health Consultant.

IF YOU ARE PREGNANT or SENSITIVE health issue, please consider the ingredients, care and consult your GP/Health consultant prior to use of GENERICS products.

DISCLAIMER: We do not take responsibility for the quality and freshness of our GENERICS Urban Apothecary 'fresh made goods' once stored outside of our premises. For health and hygeine reasons, we are unable to exchange on these items.



Hides deriving from cow, sheep, lamb or reptile produce our 100% premium leather goods. This delicate, hand finished raw material will age naturally, occurring in them over time – folds and wrinkles which add to the uniqueness of its design. Being a natural protein fibre, leather may also oil and tan in warm temperature or be subject mould in moist conditions.  Tips to care for LEATHER :

- PROTECT your leather by spraying a good quality leather protection agent before use. A good protector should also be applied regularly to help resist the effects of daily soiling and absorption of other dye stuffs which can transfer if you rub clothing such as dark denim against lighter leather. Be sure to cover any embellishments and decorative finishes when spraying your protector. 

- POLISH your leather with a dry cloth by gently buffing the surface to remove dust or fingerprints. Occasionally, u may with to CONDITION your leather to restore natural oils and fats which keep it lubricated and shiny- just visit your local shoe repairer for a range of leather conditioners. To CLEAN an unwanted stain including wine, food or other dyes we recommend a professional and immediate dry clean. 

- STORE your leather independently in a cool, dry place. Ensure it is wrapped in paper and not plastic as it needs to breathe. Keep away from direct sunlight or water.


Are derived from animal or plant origins and include cotton, wool, silk, bamboo or fur/hair fibre. If your GENERICS is mixed with any other fibre, we recommend spot clean or book it in for a professional dry clean service.



 include PU (Polyurethane), PVC, Acrylic, Acetate, Polyester, elastane and viscose/rayon. All designs containing PU or PVC are cleaned using water with a damp cloth or gentle wipe down. If in doubt,  book it in for a professional dry clean service.



Embellishments include beads, semi-precious stones, metals, resin, ribbons, sequins, acetate, acrylic, leather, buttons, filigree used to create jewellery, decorative or functional element of a design are often hand composed and delicate, requiring a gentle handle. 

They may also be buff polished, coated, plated, lacquer finished, varnished and painted. If you have sensitive skin and/or prone to skin allergies please take caution when using our products. If u have the slightest reaction when in contact with our products, please discontinue use immediately.

Any heavily dyed designs are not guaranteed to be colorfast so do not rub against or keep within contact to light colored or delicate clothing. Separate hand wash recommended.

We will not be responsible for loose embellishments if they have been dropped, discolored scratched off or damaged due to rough handle.

Protect any embellishments, studs and metal hardware against heat or moisture during a spot clean to prevent rusting and discoloring.

To clean heavily dyed or embellished designs, we recommend booking it in for a professional dry clean service.


We recommend all bags worn, have a capacity of up to 2kg of weight volume when evenly distributed based on the quality of our stitching designs, hooks, adjustment belts and straps.

Some bags may have an additional adjustable strap, please use this in support of the main handle when using the bag at maximum weight. 

Avoid over filling and pressurizing of closure points that can compromise the security of the closures. You can secure your belongings by using our zips, magnetic studs, clasps and tabs ensuring they sit firmly flat. Damaged closures due to overfilling/ stretching will compromise its design functionality and not be covered by warranty.



We recommend all small holders not be over filled that can compromise the stability of the closures. You can secure your belongings by using our zips, magnetic studs, clasps and tabs ensuring they sit firmly flat. Damaged closures due to overfilling/ stretching will compromise its design functionality and not be covered by warranty.



Our belts are one size fits all. For all belts made with elastane, please allow a maximum stretch of 4cm above its relax length. Eg. 65 cm belt will stretch to max 69cm limit.

Over stretching will compromise its design functionality and not be covered by warranty.



Our jewellery is made of mixed metals such as stainless steel, pewter, bronze, aluminium, brass, iron, silver or gold. Unless specified, our jewlery is not plated, however most designs are 'nickel-free' and of good quality costume jewellery. Please see ‘EMBELLISHMENTS/METAL HARDWARE/ DYED’ for full care regarding JEWELLRY. 



Our hats may be made of PU, polyester, leather, straw, felt or finished with embellishments. We recommend a spot clean with water only or book it in for a professional dry clean service. Please see ‘EMBELLISHMENTS/METAL HARDWARE/ DYED’ for full care.

Keep your hat perched on a hat stand when not in use or store it by stuffing the crown with tissue paper and store in a box. Keep in cool, dry place out of sunlight.



Avoid abrasive surfaces to reduce the risk of snagging and laddering.

We recommend a gentle separate hand wash in cold water. Allow to dry flat in shade. If the design is composed with any leather or embellishment, we recommend a spot clean or book it in for a professional dry clean service.


To clean, use damp cloth and buff dry immediately. Avoid using scratchy or abrasive cloths when cleaning lenses.