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RAW COMPLEXIONS - SKIN BALANCE NO 2. is a powerful beauty food blend with alkalising greens and unique herbs that aid in skin rejuvenation with antioxidant protection, slowing down the signs of premature ageing.

These ingredients can improve skin firmness and elasticity, mainly due to phytoestrogens and saponoside. 

Perfect for all skin types and conditions, fine lines, dehydration, skin dullness and ageing concerns.


SKIN BALANCE NO. 2 Beautyfood >

-Hemp seeds
- Alfalfa
- Ashwaganda
- Astragalas
- Asparagus
- Beetroot
- Slippery Elm
- Strawberry
- Turmeric
- Celery Seed
- Siberian Ginseng

- All natural ingredients
- Vegan
- Gluten Free
- Dairy Free
- Nut Free
- Made in Australia

CONSUME RAW COMPLEXIONS Daily as part of your dietry regime.


- 1 tbsp best enjoyed in your favourite juices, smoothies, raw desserts, sprinkled on top of cereals or yogurts, once daily.

- We do not suggest to consume whilst pregnant & or breastfeeding - please consult your GP prior to consumption.

- Store dry and tightly sealed.

- Consume within 1 year of opening.



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