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MYO Perfume Service

Standard Round Glass Roller Vial + Black Lid / 10 ML
Absolute Square Glass Roller Vial + Silver / 10 ML
Absolute Oil / 1 Drop

GENERICS MAKE YOUR OWN PERFUME OIL SERVICE allows you to design your own bespoke oil starting from $39. Explore your senses and discover the botanical blends that you can create in less than 15 minutes. Now featuring both classic oils and our own native perfumery!


Ever wondered what real Australian Wildflowers smell like on the skin? Did you know also know our Aussie natives actually have incredible healing powers for both topical and sensorial use including calming, respiratory, antiseptic and anti-microbial benefits? We house 15 Native Australian Wildflower and Botanical Extracts on our perfumery workshop bar.


Grown, harvested and distilled here in Oz, we’ve got some beauties including Rosalina, Lemon Iron Bark, Buddahwood, Kunzea, Tasmanian Lavender and the rare WA Wild Sandalwood, and Fragonia oil from the South West of WA that you can explore when you visit us.


Our Perfume oils are handcrafted and designed to engage the senses with soft, natural, clear smelling scent. These perfumes are made to wear from day to night and are bottled in convenient refillable 10 ml roller glass vials that fit in your bag, pocket or car. The perfect size to reapply as you like.  Featuring organic floating botanicals for whimsy and beauty and hydrating coconut oil that will leave your skin nourished and sweet smelling. For those who love fragrance, Generics Botanical Perfume Oils are economical way to enjoy scent with half-price refills available for order at any Generics Urban Apothecary store. 



GENERICS Botanical Perfume Oils are individually handcrafted, using premium grade botanical ingredients that are clean and sustainable.

GENERICS Botanical Perfume Oils are made with a natural fractionated coconut oil, and essential oil. They are free from alcohol, nitro musk and unnatural additives

GENERICS Botanical Perfume Oils feature organic plant material for visual stimulation, to give the user a sense of calm in beauty.

Enjoy our HALF PRICE refilling service when you return your empty glass to a GENERICS store.


  • Up to 10 ml of natural perfume oil
  • Refillable glass vial with roller ball applicator
  • 100% fractionated coconut oil
  • Natural essential oils (may include organic constituents)
  • Alcohol free
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Phthalate free
  • Paraben free
  • Nitro-musk free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free 
  • Handcrafted in Perth, Western Australia


100% Natural Fractionated Coconut Oil, Natural Essential Oil Blend*, Flower buds*
* May contain organic constituents.


Apply the Botanical Perfume oil by running the roller ball along the body’s pulse points, namely the wrists, elbow creases and along the neck below the ear. You may like to rub the oil into the skin. Apply oil to the fingertips and run through the hair for soft scent diffusion. The scent may last up to three hours. Reapply as needed throughout the day as required. Screw the cap back on the vial to avoid spills or evaporation.



Failure to follow these instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury. Do not consume contents of perfume vial. Keep away from children, pets and open flames. Store your botanical perfume oil upright in a in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and below 30°C.

If you are asthmatic, pregnant or suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions, please be mindful when using our sensory products.


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