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Generics Urban Apothecary



GENERICS essential oil is perfect for creating a meditative and calming atmosphere. Essential oil has been used in for aromatherapy since ancient Egyptian times. Essential oils can be used in humidifiers, steam diffusers or diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil for topical use. Add essential oils to massage oils for massage therapy. Manage your emotions, stress and relaxation with essential oils. 


GENERICS Essential Oils are a pure form of essential oil that is suitable for use in humidifiers, steam diffusers or personal topical use.

GENERICS Essential Oils are an effective way to support the mind and body alleviate stress, manage emotions and reduce tension through relaxation.

GENERICS Essential Oils are bottled in a refillable 15 ml glass dropper vial for ease of use and transport.

Enjoy our HALF PRICE refilling service when you return your empty glass to a GENERICS store. 


  • Pure essential oil
  • Refillable 15 ml dropper vial
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free 




100% Natural Botanical oil extracts*

*May contain organic constituents


Add a few drops of essential oil to your electric diffuser, or dilute with a carrier oil such as coconut oil to apply topically.


Failure to follow these instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury. Store Essential Oil on a stable, heat resistant surface. Always use Essential Oil in a well ventilated room. Avoid exposure to drafts. Do not consume. If Essential oil spills on to a surface it may stain, warp or damage it.

Never move an Essential Oil diffuser while on or leave unattended. Always keep Essential Oil out of reach of pets and children. Store your Essential Oil below 30°C in a cool, dust-free, dry place out of direct sunlight.

If you are asthmatic, pregnant or suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions, please be mindful when using our sensory products.



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