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Generics Urban Apothecary

Candle Care Kit


GENERICS Candle Care Kit is the perfect companion for all of your candle needs. This kit will help you preserve your candle's burn time, fragrance and keep your candle vessel free from soot and smoke. Elevate your candle routine and use the items in this kit to futher the life span of your candle.

The items in the Candle Care Kit feature a matte black coating to add an element of understated cool to your shelf or vanity.



GENERICS Candle Care Kit allows you to safely and cleanly extinguish your candle flame. 

GENERICS Candle Care Kit helps you maintain good wick care for safe even burns. 

GENERICS Candle Care Kit helps maintain a clean vessel free from soot and smoke. 

GENERICS Candle Care Kit features a matte black coating. 


  • Ethically Sourced
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free 



X1 Candle Flame Snuffer
X1 Candle Wick Clippers
X1 Candle Wick Dipper
X1 Candle Accessory Dish

HOW TO USE - Candle Flame Snuffer
Hold the wand end of the Candle Flame Snuffer and angle the cap over a candle flame, lowering the cap till it sits just above the wax line. The Snuffer will reduce the oxygen available to the flame, forcing it to go out. You can lift the Snuffer once you see smoke rise or hear the flame cease burning. Always practice fire safety and do not use it if the candle flame is too large for the snuffer. 

HOW TO USE - Candle Wick Clippers
For use on extinguished and cooled vessels only. Never use when the candle is hot from being burnt. Angle the Candle Wick Clippers to be level with the candle's wick. Always leave between 5-8 mm of wick above your candle’s wax line. If trimming a cotton wick, trim below any plume that may have formed at the top of the wick. When the Clippers are closed around the wick, the excess will be caught on top of the Clipper's blades, Dispose of the excess wick into the bin. 

HOW TO USE - Candle Wick Dipper
Hold the wand end of the Candle Wick Dipper, angle it so the hook end is sitting behind the cotton wick. pull the cotton wick down towards the melted wax untill fully submerged. Once the flame is out, you can hook the candle dipper around the cotton wick once more, to pull it out of the wax and stand up straight. Note that if you have a large plume on top of your cotton wick, this may break apart in the wax, leaving debris behind. Always practice fire safety and do not use it if the candle flame is too large for the Candle Wick Dipper. Suitable only for cotton wick candles. 

HOW TO USE - Candle Accessory Dish 
Store your Candle Accessories on this dish when not in use.



Hand wash your Candle Care items between uses with hot water and dishwashing liquid. Not Suitable for machine dishwashers. Always practice fire safety. Keep out of reach from pets and children.


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