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Generics Urban Apothecary

Agate Quartz Crystal Coaster

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Agate Quartz Crystal Coasters are an aesthetically beautiful and functional stone, that can be used to rest candles, diffusers, sensory items and beauty rituals.

Commonly known as the stone of healing and good luck, a thin slice of this crystal allows you to see all of its marvel at its many layers and intricacies. Agate rebalancing and harmonising for the mind, body and spirit states. It cleanses and balances the connection between heart and mind. Agate enhances perceptiveness, concentration and analytical capacity. It encourages honesty, courage and protects its user from danger.  A great destressing and awakening crystal. Its shape makes this a great stone to store your other crystals on top and amplify their energy.

Energy: Receptive
Planet: Mercury
Element: Water
Deity: Bragi
Zodiac: Gemini
Powers: Strength, courage, longevity, gardening, love, healing and protection.


GENERICS Agate Quartz Crystal Coast is a thinly cut slice of Agate crystal, allowing you to marvel at its many layers and intricacies. Known for its balancing energies.

GENERICS Agate Quartz Crystal Coaster is ideal for those who are craving harmony between mind, body and spirit.

GENERICS Agate Quartz Crystal is sourced from Brazil.


  • 100% Natural agate quartz crystal stone
  • Coaster or resting plate for candles, diffusers, sensory items and beauty tools.
  • Sustainable farming practice
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free 


X 1 Unique Agate QuartzCrystal. ( Polished) **

** Each crystal is unique and one of a kind, each with its own naturally occurring patterns, finishes, flaws and irregularities. Over time, these flaws become part of its unique quality in its ageing process. Each are handpicked by our team and may vary from this photo. Please contact us, if you have a preference for color or finish and we will do our best to choose one to suit you.



You may like to clean your crystal with running water or saltwater. Be careful with use and cleaning as the crystal is fragile. Store on a stable non-slip and dust-free surface.

Please note Crystals will vary to the image shown as they are made from natural materials and are individually unique. Come into any GENERICS Urban Apothecary Perth Location to choose a crystal that speaks to you.


Customer Reviews

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cindy h.
agate coasters beautiful

I’ve bought these agate coasters before as gifts. Kept every one of them just ordered more for same reason and I don’t want to give any up. They are gorgeous each one different and yes I will let some go but unique gift and good value. Lovely lovely lovely.