~ Welcome to GENERICSESHOP.COM ~ Sign up as a GENERICS VIP Member to start earning Eco Rewards & receive 15% off your first order! ~ Welcome to GENERICSESHOP.COM ~ Sign up as a GENERICS VIP Member to start earning Eco Rewards & receive 15% off your first order!


Are you a frequent shopper?

We love to reward our loyal customers with only the best so we've introduced a new seamless way to help you shop and save when you visit GENERICS.

By becoming a GENERICS VIP MEMBER, you will join our loyalty program and receive Eco Rewards with every spend and support action you make with us. We will turn your rewards into exclusive members discounts, saving you $ both in store and online, through out the year.

These benefits are exclusive to GENERICS VIP MEMBERS only, and is simply our way of saying, thank you for your continued support.  


How much does it cost to become a GENERICS VIP MEMBER?

ZERO. It's free to join.




1 Eco Reward for every $1 spent


300 Eco Rewards


45 Eco Rewards

LIKE ON FACEBOOK (@Genericseshop)

15 Eco Rewards

FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM (@Genericseshop)

30 Eco Rewards


10 Eco Rewards 


10 Eco Rewards 

300 GENERICS Eco Rewards = $10 GIFT VOUCHER*

Redeemable to use instore & online at GENERICSESHOP.COM

Terms of GENERICS Eco Rewards*

1. Limit one person, per GENERICS Eco Rewards member sign up. 
2. It is free to join.
3. To activate your account, each member must sign up and include full name, mobile number, email address. 
4. To earn GENERICS Eco Rewards, click on the GENERICS ECO REWARDS' icon located at the bottom right corner of our website homepage.
Sign in, follow the earning prompts or spend to automatically accrue the points.
Once you are signed in, your Eco rewards can be viewed anytime, by clicking your online Eco rewards account icon.
When shopping instore, mention your name at the check out and we will add your rewards when you spend.
5. Eco Rewards can be redeemed only when quota's are reached. An automated unique discount voucher will be sent to your email inbox to use on your next purchase.
6. Discount vouchers are redeemable on full priced items both instore or online. There is a limit to 1 discount voucher entry per order, per member and cannot be used during public sale promotions, where a discount has already been applied.
This excludes the 'Generics 2 get 1 free' offer instore, where you can use discount vouchers on top of this order.
7. All discount vouchers have a minimum spend is $20 per order & an expiry date to process.
8. All discount codes are not redeemable on or for cash products such as gift card. It may exclude specific 'excluded collections' such as 'Doterra, Keeko and Bobbleware'. ( * See updates in email or ask us instore )
9. All discount codes are not transferrable from the original member.
10. Management reserves the right to amend, update, suspend or cancel this programme at any time without consequence and without prior public notice. 
11. Should a member or person(s) behave in a inappropriate manner or found to abuse the terms of our Eco Members loyalty programme, store purchase policies or terms of trade, management reserve the right to amend, update, withdraw, suspend or cancel the member from benefiting from the programme or from purchasing from the store.
12. All enquires and concerns relating to our GENERICS ECO Rewards loyalty programme may to be directed to management by completing the contact form.

 So, what are you waiting for?

SIGN UP, EARN & SAVE with GENERICS Eco Rewards today!


Have more questions? Feel free to send us a query by completing the form below.