MONETS GARDEN - Room diffuser


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GENERICS - MONETS GARDEN Botanical Room Fragrance Diffuser set.


SCENT NOTES: Water lilly, Lavendula, Cucumber

BOTANICALS : Rosa Centiflora, Lavender bud


Captured in a luxurious heavy statement round glass bottle, you can now enjoy your signature fragrances without needing to light a candle.

Beautifully presented with hand selected flowers and botanicals, each glass diffuser comes with choice of natural rattan reed sticks.

A safer option for those with children and active pets, your GENERICS ROOM DIFFUSER can activate an unattended space without the worry of an open flame.

Perfect for those looking for a softer, slow release fragrance over a longer period of time.

Fragrant a small to medium room for up to 4 months before returning to GENERICS for a half price refill on your next scent choice.


- 100% Polished luxury Glass vessel
- Includes bundle of natural rattan reeds with each room diffuser
- Chrome silver Acrylic Lid with cork seal
- Dimensions : 80 mm (base diameter ) x 100 mm (height with lid)
- 200 ml net
- Up to 4 months Fragrance in sml-med room


- 100% Vegan
- Fragrance is Phalate Free
- Fragrance is Paraben Free
- Fragrance is Nitro-Musk Free
- Fragrance complies with global RIFM & IFRA Standards
- Contains fragrance oil , essential oil , dry petal of flowers, herbs and botanica.
- Botanical Fragrance Oil ( Blends natural essential oil components )
- Cruelty Free
- Small batch poured in Perth, Australia


- x1 diffuser will fragrance per small - med room ( 4x 5m )

- Up to 4 months of fragrance

- Remove cork lid

- Dip bundle of reeds into the diffuser oil and allow to pre-soak on one end for 30 mins.

- Turn the reeds upside down to soak the other ends.

- Place on a safe , stable, non-slip surface away from direct sunlight.

- Allow the reeds to begin dispersing fragrance within the next 48 hrs.

- Fragrance will be strong for first month, softer thereafter.

- Warmer, moist conditions will encourage fragrance to remain in air.

- Keep out of reach of children, pets and open flames.

- This oil is not designed for consumption. DO NOT consume contents of bottle.

- Polish glass vessel with chamois



Return your empty clean glass to GENERICS for your half price repour. (Local pick up)

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