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Your STEP-BY-STEP guide to easy online shopping at






You will need to create an account to shop with us. This will just take a minute & once u set up, you’ll be able to:

-        Check out faster

-        Save frequent addresses

-        Track your Order

-        Make a purchase online

-        Access any existing or past orders u have made online

Just click LOG IN to fill in your details. If u are a registered customer, please log in now.




If u know what u are looking for, start shopping by selecting the product category links across the top black bar: e.g GENERICS, CULT GREEN BEAUTY, URBAN APOTHECARY etc.

You can also shop our latest products by selecting the SHOP BY category dropdown menu which reveals NEW ARRIVALS or PRICE, TREND or weekly features such as TOP PICKS. If u have a specific product in mind or are unsure where to start, you can simply enter a key word, item code or style name in the search box on the top right corner of GENERICSESHOP.COM 




Once u have found an item you want to buy, u can click on the photo thumbnails for new a larger pop up window view and the use cursor keys on your computer to flick through the view options. Click outside of this pop up window to cancel out of this view. U may also hover over the image for a magnifying close up of your GENERICS.

U can also LIKE, TWEET, PIN each product and share your shopping experience with your friends.

Use our ADD TO COMPARE link to line up all the products you need to make comparison. U can access the final items by clicking COMPARE at the top right hand corner of GENERICSESHOP.COM and u will also be able to add any purchases to your cart at this stage. 

You can go back to your previous step at any time by clicking on the  : _____ : ______: category link titles appearing under the left of the black bar. E.g HOME : CULT GREEN BEAUTY : GENERICS : LOVE POTION PERFUME OIL . These serve as 'breadcrumbs' and will help u navigate through GENERICSESHOP.COM



STEP 4.         ADD TO CART

Click the tabs to reveal additional information and finally, select the quantity, color followed by size of the product u want and click ADD TO CART. You will notice this action as the number (x) increases in your MY CART link on the top right corner of GENERICSESHOP.COM. Once you have added your GENERICS to MY CART, it will divert u to the SHOPPING CART page to reveal what u potential purchases u have selected.




Once u are on this page, you can then either click on the CONTINUE button to keep shopping or edit your selections by updating the QTY number or crossing the ‘X’ to remove an item. Click UPDATE before proceeding.

If u have a PROMO CODE enter it once u are happy with ur final order & click APPLY. Your grand total will then be updated showing any discounts or GST. Once you are happy with the completed order, u can proceed by selecting CHECK OUT WITH PAYPAL or CHECKOUT to move through to our secure CHECK OUT page.




Follow the steps and update your billing and postal address for this order.

Select your secure payment options - PAYPAL or Credit Card. 

Your transaction will process live and a notification will appear on the screen to confirm your order is 'Processing' meaning it is complete and awaiting clearance from our end.

Your order status will then appear in your MY ACCOUNT section with notifications sent to your corresponding email address.

This section will also record & list your order number, tax invoice and order status plus any previous activity under this login account. This is accessible 24hrs a day.


If u have additional information u would like to communicate to us about your purchase order prior to dispatch, please complete our CONTACT US form under the CONNECT footer ( Bottom of GENERICSESHOP ) within 24hrs.

At this point, u can re-commence shopping by repeating from step 2. U can also click on the main GENERICS logo at the top left corner to go back to the HOMEPAGE. 

If u are done for the day, select LOG OUT at the top right corner to exit your account. 

 Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE TO OUR E-NEWS by entering your email address in our email box.




Once your order has been processed on our end, we’ll send u a dispatch notification via email with a tracking number.

Follow the tracking instructions to check your delivery status.

Once u receive your delivery, please check it is what u have ordered.

If u have any further enquires thereafter, please read through our Terms & Conditions or Returns policies or complete our CONTACT US form under the CONNECT footer

( Bottom of GENERICSESHOP.COM ) within 24hrs for a direct response.