GAME OF BRAIDS -23 ( GLITTER/CHALK 6BR ) -Waist - long length hair / All textures / Unisex


TERMS OF PURCHASE : All our artists are high in demand and called in for your booking. Please follow our booking policy below to ensure we can complete your request on schedule.

PRE-BOOKING: Any questions, pre-booking consultations must be arranged via contacting your GENERICS STYLIST or HAIR ARTIST at . Any known allergies or reactions to hair product must be informed by signing a disclosure statement.

ON THE DAY: Please arrive 15 mins prior to your scheduled booking time. Arrive with clean, pre-washed & dried hair, without treatments and serums. Any hair unprepared or does not meet the criteria which requires extra prep time, an additional $25 per 15 minute intervals will be charged on top of the pre-sold prices. You will be advised if this will occur prior to commencing the booking.

LATE / CANCELLED: Late arrivals more than 15 mins will incur automatic cancellation of your appointment. We will endeavour to rebook your job for the next available time slot, however cannot be responsible for any missed appointments as these are out of our control. Strictly no refunds on cancellations due to late notice or deliberate cancellation. By purchasing this product/service, the purchaser, understands the terms of purchase.

Your GAME OF BRAIDS hair by Bec Henderson will include:

- This design features 6 braids - PLUS CHALK / GLITTER Finish between cornrows & crown.
- Preliminary, style consulation ( Includes edits and any brainstorming of ideas )
- Pre-grooming, prep and finishing.
- Braiding pins, elastics, accessories.
- Finishing product.
- Braid maintenance tips and how to treat.

This design is skillfully hand crafted using the natural texture of your hair and finished with quality grooming / haircare products.
Please ensure, you tell us if you have any sensitivities to grooming products or on/around your head, neck and facial areas.

- Keep braids out of water, rain or damp condition.
- Keep braids away intense wind, exposure to extended sunlight.
- Do not wash braids.
- Do not trim braids.

If looked after correctly, your braids will sit as intended between 48hrs and in some cases up to 7 days. For a re-braid / top up, please contact us for further booking >