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GENERICS refillable vegan candles are wicked with a natural crackling wood wick centre. They give off a raw natural illumination when lit, complimented by the sound of a crackling wood fire.

Grown from native sappy fruit trees in the USA, these double ply wood wicks are grown in sustainable plantations & sourced from FSC-certified mills (Forest Stewardship Council), ensuring responsible global practice. For a better future, for each 100 wood wicks sourced from these mills, a tree is re-planted by local rural communities as part of an ongoing sustainability program, so when you take home a GENERICS candle, know you are consuming responsibly.

To best enjoy a wood wick candle, one must learn the ‘Art of lighting a wood wick’.



Our wood wicks have a crackling effect in its natural state. To further assist in the burning process, our wicks are then, double primed in a natural soy wax for a min of 2hrs before being set into the candle vessel.

As wood wicks are made of a natural fibre, you may find variances in the wood grain that can affect the behaviour of your burn. It is important to be patient and work through any stubborn grain that has naturally occurred and be mindful of any environmental factors whilst burning.



We recommend practicing the following lighting tips:

Before you start, ensure there is no charcoal on your wick and have at least 8 mm of fresh cut wood above the wax.

Check your wood wick is well oiled. To do this rub some wax onto the wick. If your wick is also wet/moist from the winter cold, it will need to be   air-dried. If it’s dry, you will need to rub some wax on it too.

Begin by tilting your candle on a 45degree angle and leave your light on it for a solid 15 seconds until you can get the light to pull the wax up the wick and soak it. Lay the candle back down and do a cupping effect over the flame by hugging your hands over the mouth of the vessel to push the flame down into the wax. This technique will force the flame through any stubborn grain. Once you get it going, you may start to hear the wick ‘crackle’ – this is a good sign that its lighting! If it smoulders out, don’t worry – just keep lighting and repeat the motion. You may need to repeat this a few times until it picks up its own rhythm.

Once your candle is burning consistently, we recommend swirling around any melted wax towards the sides of the vessel to even out the top layer, to prevent any tunnelling/drowning of your wick. Burn your candle for at least 2 hours or until the melt pool has reached the edges. When you are finished with your burn session, blow out your wick and remove any charcoal, ensuring you leave at least 8mm for the next burn.

Store your candle away from direct sunlight, dust, air conditioning/heater to keep your wood wick stable.

Once you master the art of wood wick flames, the results are worth it. If you have any ongoing issues, please feel free to contact us for assistance by calling/visiting any of our stores or emailing us at





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