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This is Bobbleware.
 A premium reusable borosilicate tumbler specially made for bubble tea, smoothies and other beverages on the go. Your sophisticated alternative to single-use plastic cups.
Founded by bubble tea lovers with a fond over quality drinkware & glassware, we are embarking on a journey to create awareness on the consumption of single-use plastics in the booming bubble tea industry around the world.
All your Bobbleware tumblers are carefully designed and customised here in Australia. We work with sustainable manufacturers who share the same vision to reduce environmental impact.

Includes a tumbler, cup sleeve, straw, cleaning brush, straw bag and an additional full lid. 

Includes a tumbler, cup sleeve, straw, cleaning brush, straw bag and an additional full lid.

Borosilicate Artisan Glass Tumbler
700 ml capacity
220 mm X 75 mm D

Borosilicate Glass Straw
260 mm X 16 mm D
Longer straw specially customized for Bobbleware large tumbler.

Drawstrings pouch
Material: Velvet (cold handwash only)
Cleaning brush 220 mm included
Color: Ivory

One PP lid with 16mm straw hole
One fully sealed PP lid
Color: Ivory

Food Grade BPA Free silicone cup sleeve
Anti-slip protection
Color: Ivory

  • We are made of borosilicate glass which is a premium commercial grade glass, so we pride ourselves being sturdy and lightweight. 

  • Be mindful that we are still glass, so truth to be told we will break. Please exercise standard safety precaution when using glass items. Love us with tender and care and we will love you back. 

  • Please rinse with warm water before first use.

  • All separate parts of our reusable tumbers are dishwasher safe. It is recommended to position glass straws on top rack of dishwasher to avoid collision damage during the cleaning cycle.

  • Recommend hand-wash with warm soapy water to ensure longevity of your Bobbleware products. 

  • As for glass-straws, it is easy to just rinse under running water tab. Use the cleaning brush provided to get rid of any visible stubborn residuals.

  • Out and about, no time to clean straw? Here's a tip! Just sip a big mouthful of water using glass straws for a quick rinse. By the end of day just be sure to give it a thorough clean. 

  • Children drinking with a glassware must be supervised at all times. If they can drink with a glass cup they can have us. 

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