ORIGIN: Perth, Australia.

Natalie Woodman is an award winning Naturopathic Nutritionist and creator of VOI ORGANICS.

With the potency of nature with the precision of science, VOI is bringing 'organic' back to its original meaning. With an ingredients list that is entirely plant-based and an approach to formulation that is founded on transparency, VOI is more than a skincare range; it is a return to nature and an attempt to rectify some of the damage we do to ourselves daily.

WE STOCK the following items: 


- Organic Dry Exfoliant Masque ( Botanical )

- Organic Deodorant paste 

- Organic Hand Sanitiser ( Non-alcohlic ) 

- Organic Body Oils ( Unscented, Post Natal/ Pregnancy, Muscle Blend, Relax blend etc )

- Organic Mens Shaving Soap

- Organic Shampoo and body Bar


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