Liz Cook launched One Seed in 2009 after first building and selling three natural skincare boutiques in South Australia. Liz has been a part of the natural and organic beauty world for over fifteen years, formulating natural fragrances for her own brands, as well as for other skincare and wellness brands worldwide. Liz has a passion for organic living and wellness, and, aside from her work with ONE SEED, is also a clinical nutritionist.


"Organics is something I am so passionate about. I live a natural lifestyle myself, from the food myself and my family eat, to the products we use, and even the way we've renovated our home. I just can't see any better way to live than close to nature. It's the way we were designed to live. I could never create a product that didn't reflect my own personal values, and I feel really passionate about sharing beautiful, world-class organic products with you, and giving people even more reasons to make the switch." - Liz Cook.

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