ORIGIN: Margaret River, Western Australia


Awaken your senses with natural, hand-crafted perfume by Melis. The finest pure botanical extracts, essential oils, resins, absolutes and attars are carefully selected to create intricate blends akin to pure nectar.

These highly concentrated perfume oils are blended in a base of certified organic jojoba that has been domestically and sustainably sourced. The decadent attars are 100% pure concentrate aged in esteemed Indian Sandalwood.

Natural fragrances create complex scent profiles that change in depth and character when in contact with the skin. Melis melds with your own natural aroma to create a completely bespoke personal fragrance and is for those seeking simplicity, beauty and nature’s inherent truth.

Founder Melissa’s greatest intention is infused into every drop via meditation and crystals to enhance the perfume’s generous energetic properties and inspire connection. Melissa collaborated with Perfumer, Aromatherapist and Cosmetic chemist Kat Snowden to create the Melis collection. A self-confessed perfectionist with a generous spirit, Kat is a leading light in the field of natural skincare and perfumery.

Melis is vegan friendly, cruelty free and contains NO artificial fragrances, colours, phthalates, parabens or synthetic ingredients.

100% natural 100% intentional



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